Goodness is the foundation; harmony creates the world

Innovate public benefit practices; transmit public benefit culture; fulfill public benefit responsibilities. Undertaking its responsibilities, sharing concerns and passingon warmth in the name of 'harmony'; this is Longjitaihe's long-term cause and pursuit.

Longjitaihe has contributed money to build Hope Primary Schools, help dropout students return to the classroom, and help excellent poor students realize their dreams of university; it has donated funds for the Indian Ocean Tsunami post-disaster reconstruction, the reconstruction of earthquake-stricken areas in Wenchuan and the reconstruction of southwestern drought and earthquake-stricken areas in Yushu. Investing with all its heart in public benefit causes prompted the establishment of Longjitaihe's public benefit fund - Harmony Fund

In 2010, the Harmony Fund was formally launched. In November 2012, the Harmony Fund was founded with the formal approval of the Department of Civil Affairs of Hebei Province. The Harmony Fund concentrates on providing humanitarian aid to poverty-stricken areas and disaster areas in China, and contributing to the basic education construction of China's remote areas. Undertaking responsibilities, sharing concerns and passing on warmth in the name of 'harmony'; this is Longjitaihe's long-term cause and pursuit.

  • In 2016, donating to build Hope Primary Schools in southern flood areas
  • In 2015, donating to disabled soldiers
  • In 2014, donating to earthquake stricken areas in Ludian of Yunnan, and donating RMB1,000,000 to the Warm Heart Project
  • In 2013, aiding earthquake-stricken areas in Ya'an
  • In 2012, donating to the '7.21' Baoding flood rescue and reconstruction operations
  • In 2012, aiding the construction of Qijiagou Primary School in Baoding
  • In 2010, donating to southwestern drought and earthquake-stricken areas in Yushu
  • In 2008, donating to earthquake-stricken areas in Wenchuan, Sichuan
  • Since 2008, the staff of the company supported socially disadvantaged groups
  • In 2004, donating to the construction of Dongweilongji Hope Primary School
  • Since 2003, the Group held a series of activities for donating to poor students
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